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Knight, why don’t you have a girlfriend?

In late May, a few years of auspicious dog abuse will come again. People around you are laughing: “5.20, you do not give gifts, girlfriend is not necessarily yours.”. “But in the bicycle circles, more cycling boys sigh with emotion,” when will it be my turn to spill dog food? Why am I still single? […]

What is the weight impact on speed in a bicycle trip?

Generally speaking, when we go out riding, we are afraid to take a pile of baggage, we always feel that the luggage is too heavy, it will greatly slow down the speed of riding. Is the truth so true? Look at the old riding Alee below. What do you say?. According to my observation, cyclists […]

Is it necessary to wear a riding suit when riding?

Cycling wear brightly coloured, people feel particularly eye-catching, some friends think too much, do not wear out. Riding suit belongs to functional clothing, it can still play a big role in riding, riding comfort and riding safety angle, personal view is still very necessary. Wear loose sportswear, riding back, will be blowing a balloon, which […]

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