Is it necessary to wear a riding suit when riding?

Cycling wear brightly coloured, people feel particularly eye-catching, some friends think too much, do not wear out. Riding suit belongs to functional clothing, it can still play a big role in riding, riding comfort and riding safety angle, personal view is still very necessary.
Wear loose sportswear, riding back, will be blowing a balloon, which is wind resistance. Riding clothing is close fitting, it can effectively reduce the wind resistance. Riding clothes are fast drying fabric, cycling sweat can be quickly absorbed by clothing, and dried by the wind. Pure cotton clothes can’t be done at all.
Riding suits are also different from conventional clothing, taking into account the longest stretch of the arm while riding, the sleeves are generally longer than the same size. A much longer than the front, because riding posture is fought, preventing wind and waist exposed by design.
Is it necessary to wear a riding suit when riding?
Cycling pants are more important than riding jackets. They can ride pants by radio, but it’s better to wear them. Need to remind is that wearing pants do not need to wear underwear, otherwise the permeability will be greatly reduced. Riding pants allow you to ride better, reduce wind resistance, and breathe.
Riding pants are tight and have no pockets. There are still a lot of things on the top, usually in the back, with pockets. The usual design is the 3 pockets of the back. You can put some small things, such as communication equipment, wallet and some personal belongings.
Riding suits are brightly colored, as well as friends who watch others ride or ride. There are reflective bars on the front, front and back of the cycling suit and so on. It is also designed to ensure safe riding at night. Don’t think that close fitting, flashy cycling suits are not necessary. It’s necessary from the point of view of demand. It’s more professional than the player’s point of view.