Knight, why don’t you have a girlfriend?

In late May, a few years of auspicious dog abuse will come again. People around you are laughing: “5.20, you do not give gifts, girlfriend is not necessarily yours.”. “But in the bicycle circles, more cycling boys sigh with emotion,” when will it be my turn to spill dog food? Why am I still single? Why can’t I find my girlfriend?
So why can’t a guy who loves cycling find his girlfriend?
1. contact with fewer girls
After the ride, found a serious imbalance in the proportion of male and female circles, even the science and Engineering University of larger proportion.
2. Zuiben
Usually with a large group of men together, speak bluntly, had forgotten what is sweet.
3. shy
When talking with the girls blush, do NiuNiuNieNie, you or the garbage explosion had many of the friends of riding you?
4. pull
You are willing to spend more than half of the money on the bike, but not willing to ask my sister to have a meal?
5. quality
If you can ride a car and spit everywhere, then you win, and I have nothing to say.
6. force
Have been blowing their own how fast riding, all kinds of data hit others……
Finally about riding success, the first woman put people burst……
7. danger
Woman began to care about you, you are still hard to fly.